Which Is The Best for Your Business : Blog or Website?

Which Is The Best for Your Business : Blog or Website?


The customers don't want to go to a shop looking for a product but just want it at their doorstep. Thus it is a must for any businessman to go ONLINE and sell to a wide market out there!


In all the online platforms, there a million opportunities to pitch your business. However, the two best ones are:


1) A descriptive, graphic and flamboyant BLOG 2) A sleek, trendy, all in one WEBSITE


Given the two choices, website will be more suitable for businesses as a blog is a very outdated premise to sell or to market something. A blog will have a lot of options which will be confusing for the visitor. It will also have to possess (because it is a blog) graphic content, which may not be all that useful every time. One of the things a blog necessarily possesses is text, text and a lot of text. This ample amount of descriptive information in text format might bore the reader and ultimately force them to shut the tab of the blog. Thus, a blog is more suited for writers, journalists, magazines and all that sorts of stuff, where the provider wants to write and the audience wants to read. A blog is for New York Times, not Alibaba.com.


On the other hand, a website is a very 'fit for the job' option. It will be very customisable to use, it won't make me Wordpress's dancing monkey. A website sounds a lot like freedom to choose. Owing to its customisability, the website will provide options to fit all the right options at the right place. Cutting the unnecessary modules out, it will accommodate all the must have options. The visitor will know just where to click and what to see. It is their choice against ours, not the other way round. Thus, Website is more suitable.


A business website is one of the best step towards the success of the business. The website plays a major role in the marketing even if it does not stand strong in the market. In this, the design of the website is a very important thing to be taken care of. It is a difficult task to maintain the design of the website as for a better website, it is necessary to design complex graphics and extensive copywriting. The website can do wonders for your business as it can help the customer to get your business easily when they are searching for your brand, the name can be automatically shown in the search bar. The design of the website also plays a major role when it comes to increase the rankings and the site visibility.


Whereas a blog is an inexpensive way to the successful marketing and usually, can be maintained by one or two members in the team. The only requirement for a blog is that they are supposed to be freshen up and they must be updated on a regular basis .i.e. at least once of twice in a month as the outdated or the old content will no more attract the customer to read on the entire blog. So, if you use a blog for your business, you will need to be careful about how much time the visitor spends on your blog.


Hence, choose your business mode by keeping these things in mind and choose the appropriate option wherein Alinga can help you with both so contact us today!

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