7 Effective Tools To Make Your E-commerce Business More Efficient

7 Effective Tools To Make Your E-commerce Business More Efficient

Magento ecommerce is a highly used method and its benefits are diverse. However, just building a site is not enough. You have to focus on making it more efficient by various tools and expand the customer base.


Magento ecommerce

Some of the tools to make your ecommerce business more efficient and competitive are:
1) Analytics:
Use the various data analytical tools available on the internet. They are an effective way to monitor your audience, to check conversion rates and to know your overall traffic. This way you can understand your strengths and determine the solution to your weaknesses. The most used analytics tool out there is Google Analytics. Piwik, Open Web Analytics, Clicky, SimilarWeb, Heatmap are also quite efficient. To know if people are talking about your brand, you can use Google Alerts. It notifies you every time your site is mentioned on the Internet.

2) An Effective Newsletter:
All major e-commerce sites have their personalized newsletter. You should have an efficient and attractive newsletter for your site with good graphic and text content. This will immediately make your customer click on your site and newsletters will remind them personally to check out your latest collection and may lead to a conversion. MailChimp is an effective tool for mailing newsletters for Magento ecommerce website. Zendesk and Gorgias are efficient mailing tools.

3) Live Interaction with customers:
Most of the people who shop online, lead a busy life and don’t have time to resolve glitches faced. Thus, they will leave your site if it contains any kind of error. You should have an efficient system of live interaction, a chat tool on your site, that the customer can use to get help. Velaro, Website Alive, Kayako Fusion, LiveHelpNow and Pure Chat are some of the chat tools available for Magento ecommerce sites and other sites.

4) Activity Stream (Only for Magento ecommerce):
It is a real time tool which is based on performance tracking. By viewing the real time activity of the customer, you can track their behaviour. If they are leaving the site, you can instantly offer them a discount or give some incentive to retain them. Thus, real time tool can be a big plus. Clicky, Userlook, Woopra, Luckyorange are some other tools.

5) Universal Product Codes:
Ecommerce had a great efficiency increase due to UPC. This system is prevalent in America, Europe and Australia. UPC are the 12 digit numbers found below the barcode on the product. Almost all ecommerce stores can generate all the information on their stock and the particular product. This saves a huge amount of time by simply scanning the code and getting the description content instead of manually typing it.

6) Tools for Team Communication and Task Management:
Trello and Mindmeister are excellent Project Management tools that allow you to plan your goals, create lists and brainstorm for ideas. Slack is the most used and a smarter Team communication tool. It can save a lot of time spent by employees on emailing each other. It is also very easy to use compared to traditional emails. Asana (by Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz) is also a very good workflow and collaboration tool allowing to manage all the team tasks.

7) Bitly:
Bitly is a magnificent tool for broadcasting content on various Social Platforms. It offers shortened bitlinks that can be easily monitored. Bitly UI allows you to track how your bitlinks are performing on the social media and also lets you make notes on them. It also tells you if someone else shares a bitlink related to your particular content. It is much more efficient way to market your product on all your social media accounts.

Thus, you can use the above-mentioned tools to make your ecommerce business more efficient. Alinga eCommerce can help you integrate all these tools while developing, depending on your requirements! Contact Us today!

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