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Improve your ROI by implementing Magento SEO techniques that drive quality traffic and customers to your eCommerce Store.

Through the use of Magento, we'll drive more traffic, get more customers and improve your ROI from your Magneto site.


As any smart and savvy business owner know's, being found online for the products and services you sell is key to being successful and connecting with your target audience. To be able to do this with your Magento store, you need to ensure that you have proper search engine optimisation. Without it, you'll struggle to get traffic to your site, find customers and convert these to sales.

What's Involved?

Magento's SEO suite pro extension provides you with the capability to have your site found by search engines and also to stop duplicate content from being indexed. Our certified Magento developers are not only experienced in setting up this extension, but they are also well versed in applying best practice SEO to your site.

Here's a brief outline of the process involved with applying SEO to your Magento store:

  • Discussion to ascertain your SEO goals and strategy (and help you develop one if you don't yet have this in place)
  • Current site review and analysis
  • Development of on and off-site SEO tactics


Google Adwords is great but your No: 1 should be organic SEO                              GET STARTED HERE

Magento SEO Features

One of the key features of Magento's SEO extension is that it will transform your product tag URLs to SEO recognisable tags, which provides your site with URLs that look professional and familiar to users who visit your site.

Some of the other features include:

  • Adding meta data to header pages
  • Create URLs that are search engine and user friendly
  • Connect with user friendly RSS Feed URLs
  • Create Google XML sitemap
  • Display store links on specific sitemap pages
  • Plus much more!

Monthly Reporting

As part of setting up the SEO on your Magento eCommerce site, we'll provide you with access to tracking tools so that you can, at the end of each month, just what's been happening with your site.

You'll be able to see where your store traffic is coming from, what pages are viewed the most, what links get clicked on the most, where people don't spend a lot of time plus much more.

We also ensure that your site is properly optimised from a speed perspective, so you'll be able to ensure that your site is running at optimal speeds and load times.

You'll have the option to generate reports yourself or have them automatically generated and sent to you via email.

We'll review these reports as well and provide recommendations where improvements are needed.

As you can see, Magento is designed to be fully SEO compatible and meaning that you will get maximum impact from well written product descriptions and URLs that make sense to the end user. This is very important, as search engine rankings can have a huge impact on traffic that is brought to your website. Having the right SEO strategy leads to increasing sales and customer retention, if implement correctly.


Google Adwords is great but your No: 1 should be organic SEO                              GET STARTED HERE

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