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Don't worry about servers, upgrades and patches anymore. Migrate to Shopify and focus on generating new sales and opportunities.

We will migrate your eCommerce store quickly and efficiently to the Magento platform, ensuring your online store is up and running in no time.

Shopify eCommerce

Focus on sales not hosting servers, platform upgrades and security patches.The Shopify eCommerce platform is an all in one solution

What you don't have is a reliable and fast eCommerce platform or host. Your store often drops out unexpectedly and you're finding that integrations are few and far between, meaning that if you want to continue to remain competitive in your market, you know that you're going to need to make some changes.

Most eCommerce platforms have been designed with the "one size fits all" mindset, which you are likely starting to experience.

The Shopify platform is completely customisable, allowing you to create a platform that meets the needs of your business and continues to grow with your ongoing goals.

Your customers will love your new Shopify store, as the added functionality that Shopify provides will connect your customers to your products quickly and intuitively.

Migration Concerns

Moving your current eCommerce store to a new host and new platform can be scary from the outset. You might find the idea quite stressful and may have even heard of horror stories when people attempt to migrate their stores themselves.

This is why you should always work with certified Magento developers. We have a team of experienced and certified Magento developers who understand the intricies involved with migrating your eCommerce store to a Magento store. They will work with you to ensure that the migration is seamless.

Taking the Plunge

Here at Alinga eCommerce, we specialise in Shopify eCommerce migrations and will help you and your business migrate to your new Shopify store with a professional and thorough execution plan.

You will experience minimal to no service disruption during the migration process because we have access to the latest technology and qualified developers who will configure and optimise your new Shopify store until you're happy with the end result.

We focus on providing:

  • Magento to Shopify Migration
  • Wordpress to Shopify Migration
  • BigCommerce to Shopify Migration

We are focused on providing a service to our customers that results in a seamless Shopify eCommerce store migration that will see your business accessing fast, stable and secure services.

We will minimise concerns and headaches with our fast and efficient migration service. Contact our team today to get your free quote.


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