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Are you merchant looking for a way to showcase your online business, attract new leads and convert more online sales? Are you looking for an eCommerce platform that will easily integrate with your choice of payment gateways and ERP system?

Alinga are eCommerce specialists and highly skilled in the two biggest eCommerce platforms.



At Alinga eCommerce, we understand the importance of having a functional website that allows your customers to find what they are looking for when they need it. Their purchasing decisions should be easy and quick, allowing them to get access to your products immediately.

Why use the Magento 2 eCommerce platform?


Magento allows you to leverage the success of your existing or new product line by presenting it in a way that connects with your customers. Magento is an excellent choice for custom requirements and specific integrations.
Some of the main Magento benefits are:

  • - Strong search engine optimisation
  • - Magento Supports Mobile Commerce
  • - Analytics and Reporting
  • - Security and Payment Options
  • - Scalability and integrations
  • - Amazon & eBay options

If you want to ensure long-term success for your online business, you need to ensure your eCommerce site is on a platform that can grow with your business.

Here at Alinga eCommerce, we work with you to design and implement a Magento store that reflects the needs of your business while ensuring usability for your end customers and once it's developed work with you to implement email marketing campaigns that increase customer retention and repeat buying as well as rewarding loyalty through integrations on your Magento website.

Why use the Shopify eCommerce platform?

Shopify allows you to grow your online business without the worry of ongoing eCommerce hosting, support and upgrades. It's easy to manage your content, update your pages, products and prices quickly.

Shopify eCommerce
  • - Great built-in marketing functionality
  • - Fast Shopify development time
  • - Easy to use admin
  • - No security & upgrade concerns
  • - Retail manager POS integrations
  • - Amazon & eBay options

Are you ready to take your Brisbane eCommerce store to the next level? Need help implementing, migrating and optimising your site to attract and retain customers? Alinga eCommerce is here to help.

If you're looking for a Brisbane Shopify eCommerce Developer, we are the best solution for your needs. Get in touch with us today. Ask for a free quote and start reaping the rewards of a eCommerce store today

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